Monday, February 22, 2010


No dreams last night just songs
one of them was about stepping outside
to look at the stars - so I threw on
my coat and did.
Black night, clear
constellations - I wish I could have
lingered - but it was cold.
West behind the barren trees
glowed a Russian banana.
I returned to the floor
and was cold
(you wrapped around me
would have been the perfect warmth)
I willed myself to get up again
fished in the closet for
my elegant black coat
sweeping soft wool
and plush muff collar
it's old
and the style is too old
I don't wear it anymore
and yet
I lay back down
and wrapped it around myself as best I could
it's like the one I wore
as we rode at night along snow rimmed roads
the belted one with the long fur collar

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