Wednesday, February 17, 2010

chapter 2 of how I got elected prez of my dorm

Waldo to Jola, 2 April 1980 [factcheck year]

56 Cummings Rd. #4
Brookline, MA 02146

Jola, 4th Floor
Freeman Hall, Wellesley College
Wellesley, MA 02181

Dear Jola & 4th floor people, Due to the fact that people at the house all contributed to buying the refreshments - that is they reimbursed me - I would make a profit were I to accept this check. The alternative is for me to turn this over to various people. That would involve too much work, though.

You all provided the space, food, music, and most importantly, the concept. The least we could do was provide beer and wine.

Having been in an overly relaxed state, I think I forgot to thank you for inviting us. In any case, thank-you so much for a fine evening. I'm sure the π guys would be (very) amenable to any similar events in the future. Gratefully, Waldo


Dear Reader,
I dated him for a delightful year. Hugs & kisses. He was a bebop-o spirit all the way, and I'm sure it informed his future practice. I have a packet of his poetic love confetti. Not a g. or n. at all, in my book. And as I go through my special reserved manila envelope of his leaves, I see that he was a secret santa, too.

Re: a birthday, perhaps
Where do we sleep? Check under the head of the ______.
I was very bad at math & algebra. Waldo was helpful.
Why don't you look in the x .
x = what we read

But I need
two of them"
thinx Jola
"All (real) answers are
complete and only
real answers can be found
in Windows"
thinks Waldo

(okay, this post is a mess
but I know it can be fixed later)

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