Wednesday, February 24, 2010


5 a.m. exactly
Hem, on KZE
objects I hope
to reacquaint myself with
in the hereafter
objects gone missing
my rabbit songs CD
the art history scrapbooks
I made as a girl
especially the first one
the little emerald ring
that I cherished so much
and worried about so much that in clutching it
I dropped it and watched it roll right into a storm drain
the convent next door, and the glimpse of
Sister Dolores' pale serene room
Joe Jackson, Graham Parker,
summer late afternoons in Brookline
I should know because this fool's in love again
you exotic moth you --
the exquisite treasure box of pastries
at Van Alen that I wished had been for me
the tiny silver musical note charm
rainbow sox with toes and new espadrilles
my autographed copy of Hugging the Shore
a hammered pendant you slip around my neck
your tongue in my mouth
your hand in mine.

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