Saturday, February 13, 2010


three harts appeared to me in the fields this afternoon
springing from thicket to open space
beautiful plumed white tails
I figured they'd run off
but they turned, aligned, and faced me
as I circled along the edge of woods
strange creatures
(why them? I cracked my head
several times there last winter
and coyote girl? and
the sweet one whose heart gave out?)
wherever I turned there they were
in absolute unison regarding me
their faces, from a distance, like an amalgam of several creatures
deer, jackal, masked raccoon
sentient, serious, unsmiling
they must have been revolving as I made my way
because whenever I looked over
or back
at every change of angle they faced me headon
wherever you go there I am
yet I never saw the slightest movement
there was much invisible rustling in the thickets
my camera gave out
I don't think I was meant to take a picture

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