Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Loaded Gun


Belle to some troll on Hudson 12534 "voyboard" [factcheck date later]

You can’t handle the truth” – Jack Nicholson

"America Love it or Leave It" = rightwing morally lazy battle cry. It means that you disagree with my politics. It’s yet another cheap slogan that means Shut Up/Don't Criticize. Ironically, this is the single most unAmerican sentiment you can have. Our nation was founded on the idea that we have the freedom to openly express disapproval of the government. Why should *I* leave? I want the Bush/McSame administration to leave!!! Why should I cut and run? I love my country, I’m sticking with it, and I’m working for change!!

"Why are you so obsessed? Wow.” = unflattering conclusion about me because you can’t handle what I wrote but are unable to say why.

"Sad to be you." – your bogus verdict. Dismissive and patronizing. Tactic to divert attention away from the substance of what I wrote.

"Go find a puddle to jump or a puppy to pet. Maybe even a flower to smell. Try to smile and have a cold glass of lemonade." - I'm a grown woman, not 6. What you're saying is, Shut up/don't criticize, stay in your place.

Glad I'm not you. Glad I'm not you.

(Pouring myself a cold glass of lemonade while I wait for some more flies to swat.)

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