Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh f***

Belle to J, 12 December 2008

... Oh well, it's part [familial] bitterness, part seasonal affect disorder that's making me go on about this crap. Plus Christmas, my least favorite time of year.

Oh, grrrrr.

Let me go now and continue some mending I have to do. I laundered our bedroom curtains last week, which had become smokefilled after a Thanksgiving mishap involving an undetected pinprick in the foil roasting pan, which caused a dramatic oven fire and led to the unfortunate loss of all the gravy.

Anyway, I rehung the curtains, and found that the sheers are now longer than the drapery panels. The drapes shrank, or the sheers stretched. At any rate, I have to take up the sheers by four inches. The $30 sewing machine I got at Sears a few years ago just keeps on paying for itself.


Oh grrrrr!

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