Friday, February 19, 2010

every stitch

Belle's notes, 28 December 2008, Brooklyn

I love you, darling J.
I saw the man at the library who looked like you
with his toddler daughter -- and I thought,
oh, that could be you -- could be
us --
He was about your age, too -- maybe a
little younger -- but not much --


The above was me being strict recorder of my notes.
But to add to this, I can conjure the image now.
The man really did look like you - the way I remember you
smiling & laughing & engaged & completely enjoying the moment.
You're laughing at a joke and being tickled at the same time
And I regarded you enjoying yourself,
and it gave me such pleasure
multi-dimensional joy & jubilation.

Oh this post is a mess. So what. It's an instant message.

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