Sunday, February 28, 2010

field notes from Women of Note

My darling, I would bring the apples but I've actually been eating them. Today went better than yesterday. For one thing the sun pierced through the grey pall and now as I sit in the aerie listening to songs on the radio and enjoying iced rosé and communing with you and enjoying the movement of my hand across the page, the sun is casting the most beautiful liquid light around the room, a moment exquisée and for the first time in a very long time I can dare to believe that spring might actually be coming. Way past five, too!

Of course I'll take you as you are. I cannot wait to discover and discover you. We know what it's about.

It's true - my aphrodisiac is you - but it's amazing what a subtle pounding rhythm in my heart of soul does for me.

Trips with glitches - there's an Ashbery poem about pleasant people in Newfoundland, I think. It is impossible to "go out for lunch" in Nova Scotia. To drive around there is to come up on entire lakes that one cannot cross but must go around.

Now a sultry song that Lhasa is singing in French has come on. Darling, this I believe is the sort of song that was not around in Fairfield County in the 1970s. Take me as I am, mon amour... swaying and sinking...

I can't wait to see you look at me directly. That is incredibly sexy.

Let's learn French. Let's lie together in a beautiful featherbed listening to song after French song... repetée après moi and only very occasionally look up a word...

come drift down next to me, darling
tell me your dream
my arms are around you and I'm listening
to your beautiful voice

some days
ready to be borne
into the future

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