Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hudson Light

From "Light Shadows: Remembrances of Light at Yale in the Early Fifties," by Gian-Carlo Rota
There is a fundamental difference between the quality of light in Northern New England and in Southern New England. It comes from the shadows. On a Cambridge Sunday, the sharp shadows across the Charles River cut out the outlines of the distant buildings of Boston as if made of stiff cardboard, and deepen the blue of the water. In New Haven, by contrast, the light shadows are softened in a silky white haze, which encloses the colleges in a cozy aura of unreality. Such foresight of Mother Nature bespeaks a parting of destinies.
I have no intention of renouncing Love for Art.
Vitruvian Woman, I wish to be. And he's my ideal man.
Let Art & Science be friends - and lovers again!

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