Saturday, February 13, 2010


He was such a wonderful, incidental, "sideways" spiritual guide to me. You know, I'm trying to set down as many of the important fragments as possible and this one has been haunting me.

He and I were in a parking lot of a supermarket in Springdale. Shop-Rite, maybe, not sure. It was a clear sunny day. His wife had gone in to buy whatever. I've mentioned before what a lovely connection he & I had (don't mean to overstate, or imply something weird by saying as much). I don't remember the details. Just, that I think he knew how utterly lost I was. And here's what I will never forget what he said, and it was a solace to me, and words I would never forget, and never forgot. He said to me, right in the blazing sun, the two of us, the both of us, completely lost, waiting to get back in the car,
everyone has a philosophy
you may not know what it is
but you have one
I didn't even understand the word 'philosophy'
I'm sure I said as much
which is probably exactly what prompted his soft words
I majored in "Philosophy"
all but useless, at least to me
but his words, in the ShopRite parking lot
both of us so desperate
that has stayed with me

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