Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Natural Disaster

Journal notes, 21 Feb. 2010
a song overnight on KZE -
the words:
"the trees lay down to die"
yesterday at the conservation area I wondered
aloud why the woods along the western path of the wood look so devastated. The trees are split, felled, dead, toppling. Not "normal." Even in summer (ghostly galleons) it looks rent. Yesterday the whole place to me looked like a battlefield, a Civil War battlefield, a killing field. In a wet section near to where I had slipped that time - I thought of soldiers in Vietnam, bebop-o making his way through a rice paddy. What was that line of Kathe Izzo's = something about the spent goldenrod like warriors - that was dead on, & I remarked on it.

Posting now, will come back to quilt.

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