Tuesday, February 23, 2010

held up to the light

Belle to her brother Mark,
15 August 2006
Hi Mark - Thanks for the pictures! Sometime I'll return the favor - no current photos of me lying about. Who took the pictures? Nice garden. What was for lunch?
Not much going on here. D's drawing up plans to build a back porch and to redo our back room which is currently a dark cave but (with the addition of windows) will become a sunny space. For fun, we are in the midst of our personal Roman Polanski Film Festival, via Netflix and local library DVD reserves. We started with
The Ninth Gate. Very entertaining thriller with Johnny Depp, with rare book atmospherics and satanic overtones. But the best is watching it the second time around, with Roman Polanski's voiceover comments. Cool guy.
Take care, and send along more pics and news. Belle

detail from photograph taken by Mark, August 1976

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