Wednesday, February 17, 2010

sky is still blue

my camera's busted - figures
I would have preferred to post the image of a journal page, undated, last year sometime

idea of the "sacred"
yearning is dangerous
we usually hide our yearnings
to offer people a glimpse you
can get labeled as, say, needy
we are meant to show ourselves as
one week I missed catechism
I asked Sister Dolores what I had missed
she said, we talked about interdependence
what's that, I said? I tried to understand.
But I just couldn't. I had no frame of ref.
And I was a great student.
I asked my mother, and she scoffed at the word.
My family is all alienated from one another
They scoff at interdependence - their boundaries
are moats, high walls, and iron gates
I'm the needy, yearning one
Longing for interdependence - family, tribe, clan, kin.

not me, and a different Sister Dolores - but the same spirit

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