Sunday, February 7, 2010

thank you for the music

I have been floating all day long
and for the last several evenings
on a dream barge of radio
songs played by WKZE
one after another and another, and another
to my utter wonderment & delight.
I can hardly bear to turn off the radio
(since I can't bear to delete any of your messages,
there are scores of these running up and down each page of my mailbox
or to be away from it for long (my short nap was fitful - had to get back).
Drove around a bit today, thinking I might go to Old Chatham
but KZE doesn't come in Deep in the Heart of Columbia County, not in my car anyway, so I scrapped that plan
and bought brie at the supermarket instead.
No peaches on the magic rack today - but nectarines
and Kirby cucumbers, good for pickling.
(Even their songs on the intercom - spritely & indy declarations of love - speak to me.)
Back home, cooked catfish though not collard greens
for lunch while listening to a man singing about - pizza?
I listened more closely. No - pissaledière! Okay, I am taking all of this very, very personally, and I LOVE IT!!

I'm now a believer
in massive (angel)wing conspiracy theories and comprehensive stimulus packages.
But I am sensible. I don't believe, for example, that state DOT
has anything to do with all this
though on Route 21 I did drive past Featherbed Lane

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