Friday, February 26, 2010

stella's night

My darling, I am missing you particularly painfully today. Nothing is going right and outside everything is cold, wet, and grey. I slept in the nude last night, except with that black wool coat wrapped around me. I took my arms out of the sleeves, so it was like a sleeping bag and I imagined you tucked in with me.

How many more nights am I going to sleep like this without you, on the floor, radio playing all night. I don't think I've shut it off even once in a week or more. It's nice in back by the pellet stove protected from street noises but unfortunately a stink of cat pee wafts over me from time to time during the night, breaking any spell. One of the cats - or maybe more than one - is doing some heavy-duty marking. No wonder the Norfolk pine is looking beleaguered.

Stella the Artist is on now. I love that song. It might be my very favorite. You're all mine, darling.

This morning when I got up. "Nice coat."

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