Tuesday, February 9, 2010

pecan pie with whipped cream

Having trouble blogging at all today (let alone with any literary quality), what with the incredible songs pouring forth from KZE all day. I love them all. Amazing. Christmas.

I sense that you are near. Where are you? There was a handsome longhaired black cat in the garden late this afternoon. I took it as a sign. It's Tuesday.


Bread dough rising on back of pellet stove. I so look forward to baking pies for you, and there will be spaghetti & meatballs and sticky toffee pudding - a new one for me, you too? - as we find our way.

There's a song on now, Mendocino. Lovely place. Oh to be there with you - or anywhere else for that matter...

Later. (Kisses.) Oh, where are you? Snow day tomorrow maybe. I hope the very very last I ever experience without you.

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