Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hi sweetheart, Leap Year Day and March 1 (in like a lion) have plunged this part of the world into black & white graytones, and so I find myself in semi-soporific, hibernating mode, a little low energy, wanting to lie down and just sleep, which I did, a couple of hours ago, lay down for a nap and fell fast asleep, and woke thinking that I should rouse myself to do a workout but just couldn't summon the energy. I'm feeling betwixt & between things a bit, yet again, waiting 'for the phone to ring,' as it were. I did get out to the supermarket at lunch, and bought fresh flowers, that I arranged in vases all around the house, including two tiny pots of yet-to-bloom daffodils, that I've placed in either kitchen window, facing north (at the birdfeeders, the grackles may be fooled into thinking it's spring) and the south. I wonder, with this sudden imposition of wintry weather, if bears, otherwise insomniac over the months (as I tend to be in the middle of the night), find themselves suddenly terribly sleepy.

At the supermarket I scored a couple of packages of lemons -- more than a dozen, for $2. So my project tomorrow will be to bake a lemon pound cake. I bought butter, and I've set out four of neighbor's chickens' eggs on the counter so that they'll be 'room-temperature.' My hairdresser likes that cake very much, I gave her a sample last time I made it (about a year ago), maybe I'll bake a tiny tin of it for her (I've fished one out, with that in mind).

It's my habit now to peruse the CL ads, not so much, at the moment, with a mind to responding, so much as with arms-length fascination. The Freudian-slips of typos! For example, a man searching for a woman to "warship" - !

I can't tell you how many times - and this grammatical error I find very telling - that Mr. Whoever is forever searching for a woman "that" --- that, rather than "who." That construction -- "person that," "woman that," comes up so frequently, more often than not, that I felt an oddball sense of elation when I came across a posting today from a man who longs for a "woman who..."

Some men search for "a single women." Yes, I suppose it's a typo. Is he searching for just one woman, the One [That is] for Him? Or only single women, more the merrier, bring 'em on?

I love it... I just refreshed the page of local listings... A guy has been chest-pounding the last few hours about how he's an "old-fashion" guy looking for a submissive 50's style woman in terms of Values... and he goes on at great expository length in his posts to that familiar rhetorical effect.

Ah, but all that fast-lane chest-thumping didn't get him where he wished to be. I'm guessing he's experienced a dearth of promising responses. Because now he's posted again, in more deflated - calmer - terms, "Traveler seeks a friend." Awww.

I'm not making fun, I'm not. I have my own tribulations (is that the same as a trial? whatever, hard time) these days. I'm not going to post my own CL ad; as a woman I think it's better to respond to the ones out there. As I mentioned, I'm waiting for the 'phone to ring.' I think my clock --- and it's not even the Marisa Tomei footstomping biological one (though footstomping nonetheless) -- is on a faster track. I don't want to jump into anything... at the same time I can't wait around forever... ("one week and a day for what -- a cup of coffee!!").

And that's that dearest. What you have here is an old-fashion 'married to wed' Seven Sister that might be a sub except that the moment he started puffing his chest I'd get all turned off so I'd rather be with a horse-whisperer like William Shatner who's 80 and looks 59 and is so happy & exuberant & full of life, and I never got into him at all on Star Trek, probably because I never got into Star Trek, but when I saw the last five minutes of the interview with him today on Charlie Rose, I was so struck by him that I thought, man, if he ever posted on CL, and he turned out to be the blind-date, wow, he would be amazing. And you know... well, we'll see...

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  1. I dream of having a neighbor with chicken eggs..

    agree about Mr. Shatner.. a very interesting man