Monday, March 5, 2012

Ah, so my date would prefer a smoker, first & foremost maybe. So that accounts for the excessive aftershave odor in the cab, the only thing I didn't like. I should have guessed, since I smoked for many years. Wow, that's some heavy-duty masking deodorizer. But - certainly - quitting was so hard-won, so long ago - of course I'm not going back. Seems to me that, for most - it would be one of my 'pluses.'

I wonder where you are, you seem especially scarce today, which makes me think you're on some long flight somewhere, the conductor - that is, flight attendant - collecting the ticket, offering you a seltzer, or hot towelette.

I have only a slight headache, from a session this morning. For which I'm exceedingly, exceedingly grateful, that I achieved it without it being coupled with severe pain. No, truly I'm okay. I just have to be sure, I think, to not inadvertently strain, and to keep my head & neck well-cushioned & supported...

Oh sweetheart, so why no recent 'humors of the day' from GCT? And what happened to the wedding invitations ('save the date!', I was messaged) that were to have been mailed out in February?

Oh darling, I'm not in the best mood. I feel a little discouraged. And, you know, when I realized that he's not all that fussy but he'd like a smoker -- I don't know, that just made my head pound a bit more. And let me repeat that I have never, in all my life, before the last ten days or so, been headache-prone. (That would never be my excuse for 'not doing it tonight' - only - having experienced it, I realize the origins of that chestnut; and 'blinding headache,' in the course of self-gratification -- well, that is just all too -- I don't even have the words for it, the irony of old Victorian prudish/prurient adages - possibly containing a grain of truth!)

Don't get too excited, my dearest Catholic. I fully support women's rights for reproductive everything, esp. birth control, and am in full support of all political candidates who support that.... and all the rest, who differ, are utter...

well, I won't complete that --
I'm, ostensibly, a poetic blogger, not a political one

dearest, wherever you are
my dear nonsmoking, deliciously organically fragrant you
if I were with you, oh after you'd draped a moist, warm, lemon-balmed cloth on my forehead
thereby soothing my head and restoring my.... mood

oh dearest, so very many kisses

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