Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hi sweetheart
So - coincidentally - moments after I launched my post yesterday afternoon, I received a message from my lunch date - saying it was nice for him to meet me - and asking me out for today - ah, so there was (or is) to be a 'to be continued...'

but our date got canceled because of a freak snowstorm
on Leap Year Day
it wasn't meant to be, not for today anyway -
but it seems there may be another encounter to look forward to...

Have a safe trip darling - indeed, putting my arms around you and wishing you bon voyage, I wonder where you're headed this time. I wonder how you all are doing, any quarter at all of the family -- I have not had the slightest bit of news, contact, or anything, since the T'town visit on Xmas Day. Ah well, so it goes.

Sweetheart, I'm tired right now. I had a nice day, despite starting the day looking forward to a date that had to get canceled -- and it's hardly snowed at all the entire winter, not since Halloween! With all that time on my hands after all, I managed a trifecta -- and so I feel back on track on my usual routines. I was especially glad to do a good pilates workout today, my first since Saturday -- I don't want to backslide on them, too easy to do -- I really do have to do them 4-5 times a week, to keep limber, toned, able to balance on one foot, no hands, my other leg up in the air.

I went to the church in the afternoon, walked down the crystalline road, silent except for the crunch of my bootfall. All manner of birds twittering and flying about in the winter storm. Our feeders are empty, and birds flock to them. I texted D asking him to pick up more seed. Always running out...

And that's it, really, sweetheart, for this evening. I suppose I'm in a little bit of a pensive mood, feeling between things. So it does seem that he & I hit it off yesterday, enough I mean, that he immediately asked me out again. Which is so nice, and I look forward to seeing him again, and getting to know him a little better. Though I realize that's no guarantee of a third date -- but I don't mean to leap ahead of myself (on this day, the 29th). But still. Oh anyway, it just raises the question again I have in my mind, about my blog, if we should hit it off, start seeing each other for real - how shall I manage my blog? I might wish to discontinue it. I know - that sounds draconian. But honestly, if I cut off a huge area of subject matter that I'm obviously thinking a lot about -- that doesn't leave much to write about here, and I'm not a "faker" that way. But I wish to protect privacies, and confidences -- and almost very especially -- I don't wish to seriously see someone, be involved with him, and somehow then just "use" him as material or content for my blog. So darling(s), I'm just telling you, if at some point I discontinue the blog -- you'll know why, and I hope you'll understand. I just want to be fair & real about it. It's one thing to wear my heart on my sleeve -- but it takes another turn entirely when someone else -- someone real -- corporeal -- is involved.

Besides, I'd really like to try horseback riding... sometime.

Many kisses dearest - safe journey -- or I suppose that's behind you, safe happy arrival & settle in comfortably and "cozily" wherever you are... it's a great nite for it.

CL posting, this morning
Good nite to be cozy - 53 (Berkshires)
Wouldn't it be nice to be snuggling watching a movie together tonight....
email messages, in response
Belle to Berkshiretraveler46
oh B - is that you?

Berkshiretraveler46 to Belle
I wish

Belle to Berkshiretraveler46
I'm glad it wasn't B --
he & I were supposed to be "cozy tonight"
except for the storm
good luck!

Berkshiretraveler46 to Belle
I could get there

Belle to Berkshiretraveler46
aww, thanks for the offer
I'm just glad... you *weren't* B --
that he can wait a day or two - for coziness

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