Monday, March 19, 2012

Vanilla (or, as 'salt loves meat' )

Message from Belle to Mr. ~, Saturday afternoon
I just wanted to drop you a note, to thank you for being so game as to take me up on my proposition that we meet this morning. I had a really nice time -- though -- I'm sure you know -- as publishers write we're "not quite right for us." But I had a nice time nonetheless, and I did incorporate our encounter in my blog post this afternoon, and I thought you might like to read it -- by way of feedback -- in a kind way, I mean - I hope - just so that -- well I hope it goes absolutely wonderfully perfectly just where you want it to go --- the next time

thank you for such a delightful encounter with you, in various forms, over the last couple of days! I am very glad to have met you -- all the very best, Belle

Hi sweetheart, I wonder where you are. I am completely bushed. I just spent several hours cleaning the house, as much of it as I could, stripping down to just panties to clean the baths, upstairs & down, wash the kitchen floor (Cinderella as Francis Bacon, paralytic on all fours). I'm in a good mood, my mind was on the go constantly as I kept seizing on yet another item that needed a swipe for de-dusting -- upstairs blinds, oh you name it. But now I have relaxed a little, wiping one by one individual fronds of a potted palm up here in the aerie. And listening to the eveningtide sounds, peaceful bird calls - they have a sense of the hour...

You know, I'm very bad at writing short stories, but as I stood, slowing myself down as I went through the relaxing motions of washing the plant, I thought reflectingly, with a sense of quiet pleasure, that I feel as though I've just been in one, or tangentially helped with something - maybe? I mean, I had a little coffee date the other morning, he'd been posting ad after ad for a while now, and he sounded appealing to me, though slightly beyond my range, geographically, and in age. But appealing in other ways. And he was nice, he was. I'm glad I met him. And maybe he feels that way about having encountered me. Things definitely didn't 'fly' between us... it turns out that he was looking for something - or someone - other than what he'd been posting about. I mean, when I see 'non-vanilla' - well, if that's code for something specific, then I didn't know the code, and figured I'm nonconformist enough to count as that. Plus to me, at this point, anything other than blue battery-operated toys would be manna, whatever the flavor - besides, doesn't the resourceful deployment of such toys, and the revelations they have brought me, count me as 'non-vanilla'? Anyway - so I trolled the usual postings this morning, to see what had gone up overnight... and there was a brand new ad from him, completely reworked & reworded.... explicitly stating the nature of exactly what he is looking for. I read his post, and can't help but think that it's in direct response, a re-gearing as a result of our meeting over coffee this weekend. And you know what? I'm glad this all happened, I think it's quite beautiful actually. I mean, I responded to an ad in good faith... and I know that he posted in good faith too, but was feeling reticent. And increasingly frustrated, because the respondents aren't who he's really looking for. And something broke, somehow for him - that is, liberated him - and now he's directly stating what he wants. And if he'd done so from the start, there's no way I would ever have responded, I would have sailed right on by. And the other thing is, at my 'ripe old age' (hardly - but experienced enough, certainly, to feel very empathetic & philosophical about things -- though I have my limits) I understand that individuals may have a very divided nature. I believe he is looking, on some level, for who he originally thought he was seeking - but on another level in his divided self, he's really yearning for, especially as he (we all, at our ages) confronts aging - oh, his fantasy...

Anyway, I was gratified - having typed that, perhaps I shouldn't take credit, my possible effect (if any) so personally - that he finally was able to dare write what he really wants (and if you can't do so in that venue, where can you?) and I truly hope for him, that he finds just precisely who he wants.

Wow, so in this season, when encounters such as this can be so gentle & profound & kind & nudge us towards our true selves & something good & beautiful? I am very glad to be within my own Chekhovian short story.

Darling, I am so tired, my fingers are just tapping on the keys, channeling whatever's firing my tired brain...

and you & I have a connection, perhaps not so dissimilar
a connection - anyway
many many kisses, darling love

CL posting, this morning
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