Friday, March 16, 2012

Hi sweetheart, internal roller-coaster ride today riding the gamut of emotions from A to B (does he or doesn't he), anyway, bottom line is that I have a date tomorrow, a bit of an adventure in store, whatever happens, because I will be driving into Albany. Which, for this former Manhattan & Brooklynite - who's terrified of the BQE - of driving in big cities -- Albany looms in my mind a bit not as "smalbany" - which I had to ask what that was -- "sm" stands for small, as in small apple, not the Big Apple --- but nevertheless for this driving not novice, but not whiz, Albany looms in my mind at the moment as Big Bad Ass Albany. Still, I'm looking forward to meeting the guy, even if it fizzles -- which I hope it won't -- I'm not going through this exercise, or effort, or outreach, or whatever you want to call it, because I think from jumpstreet it's going to fail -- no, not at all, he seems --- well, he intrigues me, and at least in quick, casual, funny email exchanges, has delighted me. So we'll see. We Know The Drill, as Dame Maggie Smith might intone, peering over her bifocals knowingly and dismissively. Kropka.

And if the date goes south at the cafe, then at least I have the car, and maybe I can do a bit of exploring. It really is beyond high-time that I checked out the metropolis to the north of me. Gawd knows Rhinebeck is, for this restless urban spirit, stompin around for some action, a bust.

Dearest sweetest Steve McQueen -- so am I to gather that it's torpidly humid where you are? I never check the weather where you are, wherever on this globe -- I hardly check it here for myself, have to ask D, or maybe these days, just because this March has been strangely more like May, simply to know how to dress...

oh please have some awesome TexMex for me
don't you love avocado? I just love it
D and I both do, actually
and it's been super-inexpensive at the supermarket for a couple of months
so we indulge in the luxuriously sensuous mild mouthfeels at least once a day
we eat it straight -- sliced, into a salad
but I love guacamole too

oh who knows what tomorrow will bring?
perhaps another slice, or even a whole half
sliced or mashed
of deliriously delicious rich mouthfeel that
makes me feel wholly alive

love you darling
hope all is well with you
many many kisses

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