Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is the Sea

Dear Companion, Feeling anxious this morning. I am getting barraged by emails from various Democratic groups and electeds asking money for a fundraising deadline today. Including a personalized email from Kirsten Gillibrand's blackberry, I think. I would love to give, I really would. But I simply haven't got it, not even a few dollars. I feel bad. I'm trying in other ways. I did write a letter to a local newspaper to thank Representative Scott Murphy for his support of the health care reform bill, which I belatedly (after I emailed the letter) realize is better understood as the health insurance reform bill. He's having a town hall meeting here tomorrow morning, and there's a push to get local Democrats to attend. I'm not sure that's my speed, although I understand that we want to outnumber whoever else might appear. But still, it's not my style. I'm not effective in that kind of setting, I don't think. I'll lose my patience. Look, I didn't do so well in a movie theatre the other day. And I've gotten some page hits from G.B. since, along with one from Beirut, which in this context I view as possibly pointed. You see, your love goddess also has a way of stirring things up unnecessarily. But back to G.B., yes I lost my patience when they gasped - and I should have added the detail that in the minutes prior they had been growling like wary dogs at the very married Olivia Williams character who was laying on the manipulative moves to bed the Ewan McGregor character (which triggered the robe drop). The Ladies Disapproved of this Extramarital Action - never mind that it was entirely fictional - and didn't they need to express it on the spot. Look, ladies, I spent my $6.50 to get Roman Polanski's point of view, all right? Not yours. I'm reminded of a matinee of Burn This that I saw on Broadway in the 1980s. John Malkovich was letting fly the F-bomb, and weren't the suburban seniors sitting behind me beside themselves and talking all through it. I let something fly I'm sure. That was like a $65 ticket. I wanted to hear Malkovich, not the silly chorus of disapproval.

Will ponder the town hall meeting thing.

How's your morning going, dearest? Mine is otherwise okay. Took a walk this morning, woke this morning to a David Gray song (Shine - bliss) and another one is on right this moment - correction, it's The Waterboys, love them too - and I'm sorting through clothing now, putting winter things away, pulling out summer, and making a pile for the Salvation Army of things I can't stand to look at anymore or simply no longer fit because I've lost quite a bit of weight. Now, there's a happy thought!

Love you, darling. Kisses.

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