Friday, March 26, 2010

The sun also rises

Good morning darling. Here's a kiss and I'm letting my golden hair down for you. Actually I've just pinned it up but no matter. Your Ruby this morning is in better spirits than the last couple of days. Dreamt of A. A. Bondy and Democrats. I'm amazed I know what A.A. Bondy looks like to have a dream that includes him (I've watched a few of his youtubed songs). In the middle of the night KZE played I Can See the Pines are Dancing. I was awake and listened happily. The song instantly reminds me of watching the cedars sway in Brooklyn one night with who I think of as you (even if it wasn't) watching too from across the way, both of us watching through windows, so close yet so far apart. My dream was a mashup - Bondy was at a keyboard performing City of Immigrants, a Steve Earle song which also played overnight.

City of Democrats, Bondy sang. I said to him, you make that sound like a bad thing. Maybe so, he replied. You have to remember, I said, in the city there are at least six different types of Democrats. He shrugged. I wonder what I meant by that. Though I'm reminded of a New York City Council race a number of years ago, with a highly contested seat in the district where I lived. There were at least a half-dozen candidates, and several seemed very worthy. I couldn't decide whom to support. One of them did door-to-door campaigning on my street and came to my door hoping for the promise of my vote. I told him with a touch of completely absurd anguish in my voice, that I simply couldn't decide whom to vote for. He was really amused that I was taking it so seriously and at that point seemed to want me to take it easy more than get my vote. I think I voted for him in the end. He lost. Now I don't even remember his name.

Hitting send, my darling love. Later.

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