Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Companion

Good morning, darling. (Dear Companion - I like that - nice song too.) Back from a walk at the conservation area. Evergreens stood out dark against the mist. I wore my bright red raincoat which I rarely have occasion to wear, and carried an umbrella. I stayed to the asphalt paths because with the rain the lowlying areas were bound to be swamps and mudbaths. Afterward I took a bit of a drive, making a big circle along here. Saw the snow geese who looked up as I passed - man, those geese don't miss a beat - could it be they recognized me? I had a mind to duck since I didn't have bread in the car.

Not sure what I'm doing today. D told me that he's flexible with the car the next couple of days, so I can look forward to an outing to Great Barrington to see Ghost Writer. I probably shouldn't go today because they're forecasting heavy rain, but I'm feeling very restless so I just might. (Yes - it's decided - I will.) What are you doing today, I wonder? Wherever you are I think of you. Later, my dearest. I hope all is well with you. I love you very much. Many kisses.

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