Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rave On

Hello, darling. Rave On is playing now, making me smile. (Love you.) I'm up in the aerie. It's been pouring rain and very windy today. Glad I crossed state lines yesterday. Today it was too wet and messy to take a walk, and I didn't feel like dealing with driving to go to the library. I am feeling decadent in that I have broken the 5 p.m. rule and am sipping rose already (4:40). Am in the final pages of The Sun Also Rises. They are all half-drunk or passed out and at each other's throats or in one another's beds, so in comparison all in all I'm in good shape. Tried to keep myself occupied today. Made yet more pizza. I had been making mushroom pizza without tomato sauce (which I have frozen from last summer's harvest and cooking) but it was coming out bland. Today I made it with sauce, and mushrooms (all these mushrooms - because half-price at the supermarket), and sausage. The sauce made it. Fantastic. Also made more apple tart. I seem to be making the same things over and over. Today I thought, wow, when's the last time I made beef stew, or even better, boeuf bourgignon. It's going to be 75 by the weekend, and the whole winter went by and I never made it once. I'd like to make it for you sometime, with grass-fed beef, preferably fairly local, and beautiful biodynamic vegetables - I'm starting to really believe there is something to that, I would really like a subscription to Roxbury Farm -, gnarly carrots, and beautiful little potatoes, and separately sauteed mushrooms added to the pot, and maybe a bit of diced, cooked up Van Wie bacon to give a smoky depth to the dish, and two bottles of decent red wine, the better portion of one for the pot, the rest for us, a KZE long set on the radio, your telling me about your day, saying how so and so is an ass and impersonating him perfectly, and me saying, here taste - and I'll offer you a spoon with a bit of the sauce, and you'll say it's great, and I'll say, maybe a little more thyme, or fresh-ground pepper, and you'll be like, whatever, and grab me around my aproned waist and you'll kiss me and I'll say you know the pot can simmer all on its own for a couple of hours til we're good and hungry and ready for it.

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