Saturday, April 28, 2012

Perusing NW Conn. craigslist postings this morning
('casual encounters')...
Have You Ever Been With? -- m4w - 54
A man of Hungarian descent, just half though. Yes, we are the hot blooded lovers which other groups get credit for. Check out the movies and see who are perceived as the lovers of the world. Some might be sneaky but I am an upfront man. I am a tall, physically and fiscally fit with a great house to enjoy excitement and quiet with you.. I am educated academically and in the art of love making. I have some suggestions and will listen to yours carefully and fulfill your desires and respect your limits.
Belle's response...

Re: Have You Ever Been With
a man of Hungarian descent?
funny you should ask -- I ended a years-long sexual drought with one (in upstate NY) a few weeks ago -- though I must say while he told me that he had once fancied himself a potential porn star -- well, no, I would say that he was lacking in finesse & technique

I am responding to your ad really on a lark -- because it's a little too direct for me -- I'd probably just chicken out
and probably I'm looking for more of a relationship than a purely sexual 'casual encounter'

still, I'm intrigued in that you're Hungarian, that is, European
I'm first-generation Polish-American myself
and my parents always used to say how Poles & Hungarians famously get along, due to some fateful arcane piece of ancient history involving a love match between royals of the two kingdoms
plus I like Chopin, & Liszt -- and weren't they great friends?
also - I love chicken paprikash, and the Hungarian Cafe in Morningside Heights
and in high school I had a crush on a guy of Hungarian descent with brooding looks and long black hair, who played awesome air guitar -- alas, unrequited!

so -- I don't know that I would be into acting on any desires right off the bat -- but I do have the car for this afternoon -- and if you're in the Litchfield County vicinity -- and might be free & interested to meet for coffee or whatever -- then drop me a line -- might be fun

I'm sure I'm eminently seduceable -- certainly the Hungarian from Schenectady didn't have much trouble ---

have a wonderful day!

kisses, darling

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