Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hello darling. You know, there's so much that goes on in my life that never goes into my blog. So while I'm waiting for my toenails to dry, let me tap out a few items at random. Such as that I've been greatly enjoying the madcap & wonderfully wry, witty, & well-observed Modern Family on Netflix. That an extremely highstrung tiny yapping terrier – leashed – nipped my hand the other day when I reached down to pet it (No, owner, clearly it’s not okay to pet your dog!!). That I made a huge pot of Sicilian Spicy Chicken this morning. That I've been googling to try to figure out if I should wear bare legs with my black skirt tomorrow, or opaque black tights, even though it's April, and I've found out that I've been committing a fashion faux-pas because my skirt is knee-length, or maybe slightly below, so I may have strayed into frump territory completely inadvertently. There's a part of me that could have been, would have enjoyed being a bit of a fashionista. Let's see, what else. I'm reading a memoir about a woman who placed a personals ad in the NY Review of Books, because she wanted to have sex, & a lot of it, with a man she liked, before she turned 67. I think that I grew up in a family largely of narcissists, a very damaging dysfunctional dynamic; I think about this a lot, actually, but rarely blog about it, because it's too painful, and negative --- and really the glory of this blog, and my life now, is that I was able to get past all that, at long last, finally. There won't be freesia or fragrant roses tomorrow, I didn't see any in either supermarket I stopped into today; instead there will be two glorious bunches of dark-rose tulips, that I've sort of hidden away, so as not to cause a fight, and really I could use a bigger jug or vase for these handsome blooms but whatever, it will hardly matter -- any more than it will matter if I wear opaque tights tomorrow or not -- I will be wearing very very nice black lacy lingerie -- underneath, I mean, of course. Oh, what else, of obsessions or whatever that could use airing, while I'm standing at the sunlit porch door with my broom taking in the sun's lovely golden rays? Well, now my mind is inconveniently going blank... Bless me Father for I have sinned... you know, I don't see, in the church services, such a difference between the Episcopal and the R.C., but now that I think of it -- there's no confession. I think I vastly prefer the Episcopal -- nothing needs to be confessed, perhaps - as long as, in its ambiguous way -- well, there it is -- best left unspoken. Oh what else. I would love to get my teeth cleaned; I used to be religious about it, twice a year, I loved our dentist in Greenwich Village, and he loved us, he even once invited us to stay a weekend in his Greenport, Long Island charming home on a street in town. I am done with 1.0, but uncannily Mr. Albany resembles him, so possibly I do have a physical 'type'; though I like the latter for entirely different reasons, he's just a completely different person. Oh what else can I scrounge up? I have writing workshops to attend the next two Saturdays, very welcome, it will nice to focus on prompts from nature... I came today, I've gotten really good at it, and it's good - assuming it works out which my sense is (unless there's some huge surprise) that it will - that I'm about to have an amazing lover, because one of my blue toys wore out, and the other is faltering I think, and I'm out of inorganic lube, which is all I need for myself. And that's it, that's all I can think of for now. I think of the guy I had breakfast with in Lenox only two Fridays ago -- is that possible? it wasn't three? was it? seems like yesterday -- and a whole lot has changed, and I'm sorry that any feelings got hurt, especially given the very tender situation, but - amazing, I held out, and wow, on the eve of what Mabel Loomis Todd referred to as her "Rubicon" -- well, I'm glad I held out for what - or who - I desire. We're over 50, things cut to the chase quicker. Even if they're meaningful; it's just that, for most -- who has the time? Anyway, I'm just typing and musing here, and I look forward to tomorrow, it will be a Rubicon of sorts -- assuming one of us doesn't wake up with flu or toothache -- and I'll try to look my best, and I've been denying myself spritzes of Miss Dior all week so that I can spritz on extra tomorrow.... and so perhaps tomorrow when I'm standing around in my black lace panties & bra, and heels, arranging tulips in a vase, intent on my task while he sneaks behind me to bury his mouth on my neck, and I tilt my head to accommodate him, and he turns me around or not, and burrows

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