Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello darling, beautiful soft golden light, busy writing someone else how the benefits of a stellar education include the ability to admit to not knowing what one doesn't know, and setting about to redress that gap, which is why I don't - ever - write in to my alumnae magazine.

Sweetheart, this blog is starting to feel a little 'too hot to handle' for what I really feel like writing & sharing with you, and I just have to hold back. I've been feeling so unhinged in recent days, making connections here in one way, there in another -- and it simply can't all be blogged about. Or acted upon.

oh but darling
I can tell you about my fingers simply tapping here, typing
as I think of you
birds are tweeting
dinner will be kale-chicken sausage sauce on penne

I learned a new concept today -- t*tf*ckng
and given my empirically measured dimensions
surprise has been expressed that that hasn't heretofore been requested of me
which just made me wonder
is that a new form of sex? because obviously I've encountered the pleasure...
but not the Method, ever
well - it looks like fun -- oh, I doubt you're as clueless as I've been --
all of us utterly useless W*ll*sley women
with our
cytrynki ==

love you, sweetheart,
thinking of you in that crazy kitchen
with Babcia's categorization system

dearest love,
many kisses, wherever you like,
and however you like
your - Canteloupy

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