Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hi sweetheart, today marked a couple of firsts, maybe more than a couple. It was the first time I'd ever stepped into a Beemer (to quote Steve Jobs, oh wow!), and my first time in an Appleb**'s, the "local" one. In fact I was transported in said BMW to Appleb**s Local Chapter # whatever.

Afterward we parked briefly because he didn't believe my stated size, despite closefitting top, and so, with the view of the vast wasteland of a back parking lot overlooking a chain link fence & a whole lot of asphalt, me, fueled on a single tiny glass of Bolla pinot grigio, mesmerized & seduced perhaps not so much by this very all-black spaceship of a beemer-bubble, but having finally entered if only for a moment into an ad for one -- well, there were few cars about, at the edge of nowhere where he had parked, but I was also fearful of being spotted by hyper-vigilant Local Police & Fire -- in this Communist local space, as muraled on the Appleb**s wall -- it's all about Police & Fire. Ah, I miss the good old days when 1.0 & I could quite naturally step into natural areas and have our ways -- no wonder, especially him living in this unnatural suburban rats' nest of an urban plan construction neighborhood -- that he dreams of me.

Anyway, the guy -- I liked him, I really did. But he's not The One, I know he's not. But I have my pride - truth in advertising. It is so a 40DDD bra - and I didn't make it up - I'd been measured.

He copped a feel, and briefly I popped my top -- and he was flabbergasted. Wow, that's more of a minimizing bra than I knew, and I don't recall that I had purchased it for that quality. Because he is very enthusiastic about, and certain that, given his & my coincidentally mutual obsession, what I possess would work incredibly well --

And you doubted! I quipped, as he appreciated, admiringly

I might see him again, I really might.
I have what turns him on... I was turned on by his sleek machine -- and the fact that he wanted to do to me what I want him to do to me

I'm willing to travel

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