Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hi sweetheart, nothing new here at all, except on CL, where hope springs eternal. I have turned into such a complete airhead. I have become obsessed with searching out possible ads where I feel there might be a spark, a glimmer. I responded to one this morning, that I would never in a million years have predicted that I might have, as it has to do with a fetish, and an attribute I (possibly marginally, for this man's taste) possess. But I went for it, and got the most amazingly eloquent response back -- you see, after spelling out all sorts of lascivious things I could daydream about -- for starters, that is -- my attributes preceding -- well other attributes -- I threw in about my degrees. Anyway, nice day at the office, in terms of correspondence -- it's not every day that I end a note with " my breasts & brain & nether regions are just tingly in anticipation of your lascivious ministrations," though -- maybe 'lavish' would have been better? Lavishly lasciviously salivating salacious slurping sucking suckling...

Oh sweetheart -- do you see why I have to haul myself out to poetry workshops where I am veritably coerced to write on some subject other than my narrow daily focus?

And I have one this Saturday morning, thankfully, and afterward, if things work out right, perhaps there will be a meeting with -- but I know I'm getting completely ahead of myself.

Ah, but the poet running the workshop will understand, I think, my impulses, from what I've googled of him in advance -- I'm excited. Although also I feel as though I'm two-timing, because I'm actually signed up for part 2 of last Saturday's writing workshop at the Persian-inspired estate... and I'm -- oh I hate that phrase 'ditching it' - but I am -- in favor of this rare opportunity I happened on to participate in a workshop with a poet, who also teaches, who sounds mighty interesting. Or at least current. And published. And it's a writing workshop, for non-professionals (presumably), in a 'community' (even if the community is quite toney) setting.

And I don't really consider myself to be a poet, and don't aspire to be one particularly, and sometimes poetry annoys me, frankly.... and yet there are aspects & attributes of it, obviously, that interest me very much -- and so --

oh right, where was I --

*** a place & time, here, Berkshires -- wherever, whenever -- just give me a bit of notice so that I can coordinate about the car --

and I'll be there, with my measured cups (but they overflow) -- which I will be delighted to show -- you

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