Friday, April 20, 2012

Hi sweetheart, feeling much more on an even keel today, a bit spent actually, and so was at low ebb much of the day, in a "watery" mood. There were just some intense mental inputs for me that made my head explode and so today your Annabel Lee needed to chill, and chill she did. I'm glad this enervation happened today... I hope and plan to be feeling like myself, and energetic, for a three-hour poetry workshop tomorrow morning, which I'm greatly looking forward to. Oh, and what else, on Monday I'll be getting together with someone I've just met & corresponded with quite a bit on CL, so we'll see -- but that's sort of what blew a gasket for me. Just all this rapid change, I feel as though I'm in a spaceship in a sci-fi movie and at first, last Friday, I was on one planet, briefly, that I'll never see again, and then I hurtled through space some more and checked back with "Houston," and then there's a very kind sweet alien with whom I also exchanged messages this week, but he & I are in different galaxies, it won't work, and so I'm hurtling through space and here comes this new Creature, unlike any of the others, who speaks a different language, & I communicate with him, and stuff comes out, & it's kind of free and risqué, and at the same time intelligent & sharp & sweet -- and so these two space travelers will be meeting up on Monday to see if -- well my planet, or his, needs colonizing, at least for a spell.

I think of you, dearest, and wonder where you are, how you're doing. It's Friday afternoon -- are you flying home, from someplace?

I'm looking forward to the comforts of dinner: cauliflower that I've just mashed, creamed with yogurt and seasoned with nutmeg, sea salt & fresh-ground pepper; orange puree from the freezer, that honestly I'm not sure if it's butternut squash or pumpkin - same difference? - doctored with maple syrup and dabs of butter; leftover pork chops; and there'll be green salad too, which I have - fresh greens that is - at almost every meal, breakfasts included, e.g., gently fried (as if poached) egg on baby spinach.

And I baked today... a blueberry coffee cake, from scratch, that sits now, fragrantly cooling, on a cut-glass plate.

The venetian wood blinds gently rattle, and the sun's rays are softening. A bird chirps, I hear distant traffic on the highway. An image of a woman was in the mail today -- quite a siren, with whip, & whippet -- who, when I examine the fine print within the brochure, turns out to be Sarah Bernhardt - so that's what she looked like! – she stares out at the viewer, in quite the indolent pose.

I've seen other images of women today too, in wholly different poses, that I am taken with -- I'm turned on, very much, by visual images as it turns out, it's not just men. Anyway - sorry darling - I'll stop there -- and yet at the same time, I'm glad - I don't know, that -- well, I'm not the only one with huge longings out there, and well - you just never know

Sarah Bernhardt seems flat-chested though. So -- not me. I don't think my new encounter-to-be would be into her either. Probably she's for the forever-posting spank-loving 'Renaissance Man' --

Bernhardt was an actress - that image, I'm gathering - a role. Who was "Theodora"? Well - whoever -- looks either way she could give as good as she got.

Oh darling -- I wonder what secrets lie locked in you, very specific ones I'm sure, that I don't know, and can only, swimmingly, inchoately, intuit, the way one can't hear anything, when one plunges one's self deep underwater, except in muffled glimmerings -- songs between you & me --

oh but I'm back to the surface, kissing you merrily hello, offering you a glass of wine against a soft summery evening -- welcome home sweetheart, it's the end of the work week, let's have a wonderful time --

wheat wheat wheat, outside the open window at this soft gathering hour, a cardinal sings -- in-tu-weet weet weet

and another, in response -- tu tu tu

weet weet

tu tu

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