Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello sweetheart, I woke this morning & glanced out the windows and was shocked to see a black&white and graytoned world, a covering of snow had fallen overnight. It is amazing how it instantly transforms the landscape, desaturates all color, renders a world that was sunny, bright, green & technicolored yesterday -- into an alien, alternate sphere, glazed, hard, white, frosted, hoary. Blackbirds took flight and squealed strangely on my walk this morning, perhaps they too were surprised by what in normal winters would have been a characteristic snowfall, in our era, perhaps even to the animal kingdom, come as a surprise. It's all melting away now, though, darling, I hear rain pattering outside, yes, it's raining.

I miss you, even as I tell you that I have not one but two dates lined up now. I know I'm a bit stunned myself. I think I'm doing better than maybe I did while even in college... or, I don't know, it's so different now, the dynamics are different, the type of men I'm connecting with. We'll see. I'm looking forward to meeting both, both so different... I don't know. It's a strange world, strange time, and - well, we'll see. All through it though, darling, I Think of You.

But still, it is exciting - and I don't mean in a prurient way - to think of the prospect of simply encountering another man, falling into step with him, sharing a cup of coffee. I've been so much on my own I'll just be happy to have an actual... conversation -- a talkie!! (I really should go see The Artist tomorrow -- assuming it's playing around here I believe I will, I'll make a point of it.)

yours, Stella

oh please don't tell me that I was actually in the city that week and might have gone to see this...

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  1. Just found your lovely meandering blog searching John Koch..