Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello dearest, feeling a little blank at the moment, had a busy day, and am now settled up in the aerie, but need to remain focused on getting a good night's sleep, for a big day tomorrow. A very big day indeed, my 'debut' as organist, and my first date in 26 years. How's that? Trying to think - should I wash my hair tonight? Or perhaps in the morning? What should I wear to church? I know what I'll wear for my date. But will I pin my hair up, or leave it down? I'm inclined to pin it up, so it doesn't get quite so windblown, and then besides, if things go swimmingly, there's the possibility of a future reveal.... my hair down. So I bought new hairclips, to keep all options open, my old ones from the dollar store had teeth missing (they shatter on impact if I drop them on the floor). I did manage to get to the movies, a matinee of The Artist. I'm a little surprised that it's received so many Oscar nominations. Maybe I shouldn't be, I suppose it's a nostalgic joke for Hollywood insiders. I enjoyed it, but I knew in advance that it was 100 minutes -- and I kept looking, in the dark theatre, at my watch. I didn't love it, though I did enjoy the wonderful sinewy Charleston dancing, and the animated presences of the male & female leads. Are the Oscars tomorrow? I'm not even sure. At this point I'm most interested in the red carpet fashion parade beforehand... although -- well, yeah, I suppose I'll tune in. Will Michele Williams win for Marilyn?

It was a busy day. I bought new hairclips at one of the loathsome big-box stores, and then I cut & ran -- that is drove speedily away through the vast acreage of blank black asphalt parking lot. I practiced on the church organ, twice today. I think I'll be okay. The trick really will be to be as well-rested & physically comfortable as possible, and I'm not a morning person. I took a vigorous walk, and I did a workout, and I managed a session besides -- though honestly, at the crucial moment, somehow I felt as though I'd ruptured something in my head - suddenly I had a headache. I don't wish to give myself a cerebral hemmorrhage, that would be exceedingly embarrassing, to say the least.

Sweetheart, can you tell I'm just tapping away here? I'm thinking of you, and yet things are changing. We'll see what happens. There are high winds outside now, clattering the clanging wind chimes. I hear D's footfall on the porch steps. Heat curdles up through the pipes. My fingers type. My head still hurts a little bit -- and I was fine all day until that point. Oh, I'll be fine. I really am looking forward to tomorrow, all parts of it, and I hope it all goes well, including the date part. Look, maybe we'll be attracted to each other, maybe not. I don't know what to say. Well - that's what I mean, it's getting a little sketchy blogging here. Actually blogging will go better if my date doesn't go dreamily -- then at least there'll be an amusing anecdote.

Wow. I think I have a bit of stage fright. Not about the date so much. But about the morning. I'll sign off now. Sorry it's not a great post. But I really need to --- I don't know, just - focus? No, that's not it. No, just relax, take care of myself, so that tomorrow all goes well, I'm relaxed & in good humor throughout, etc., etc.

Sorry newest member #5. Not every day here is 'brilliant.' And thanks for your very kind comment...

many kisses, dearest - hope all is well & happy with you
wish me well tomorrow --


John Koch (American, 1909-1978), Dora, ca. 1955, oil on canvas, 24 1/2 x 28 inches

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