Tuesday, February 28, 2012

La Dolce Vita

Hi sweetheart, a quick post, a little early, my day is a little thrown off after a lovely lunch with a couple of glasses of red wine. I had a nice time, I have no idea what if anything will happen, but he was a nice guy, good company, good-looking, very interesting. I would never have "in advance" described him as my type, yet I found him intriguing, calm, rugged; he's a strong individualist, rides horses, reads ancient history. It was my first time in a pickup. He's very "country" that way, but not in a redneck kind of way, or even politically right-wing, and also not gentrified weekender country. Kind of Hemingwayesque, maybe, without the macho braggadocio. Interesting. Very different for me. We had an awfully nice lunch, sharing a bottle of red wine, wood-fired pizza, and salad, talking about this and that, meandering from topic to topic genially. Was there "heat"? I don't know, but I don't know that that was what the encounter was about, not so directly and immediately, anyway. Maybe I'll hear from him again, maybe I won't... either way, it was a very pleasant lunch and I'm glad to have met such an unusual, intelligent, and interesting man who knows how to live life fully and richly (without running roughshod).

Such a beautiful day today, the sun is blazing and the air is on the mild side. Tomorrow it's supposed to snow some, so I am savoring this day as a precious preview of spring, soon to be snatched away, until it's time for it, for real. Two-and-a-half weeks to Daylight Savings Time! So it's coming...

Solid, simple, no gimmicks, bright, good-humored. Nice qualities, excellent ones, in a man. I can't help but contrast this date with the one the other day, which had all this hyperbolic writerly brouhaha running up to it and then fizzled. Even if nothing at all whatsoever happens with this guy today -- I will not have felt slighted, as I did the other day. That man really got off with a cheap date, that walk, and it wasn't to my best advantage, and it might have been nice to break bread together, or have coffee -- but no. So for his veneer toniness, he really lacked finesse in the end. And this guy today -- genial, easygoing, relaxed, gracious, come-what-may -- natural, good manners: finesse.

Darling, that's all I have I think for today. I'm going to go outside in the sun now, with a highly decadent glass of wine, and sit on the porch, and just bask in the rays, and be very grateful for the sunshine, and the opportunity to have some new experiences, and meet interesting people, even if I endure a few knocks here & then. But today wasn't one of them, whatever happens. It was a really, really nice date. And man, that "Dolce Vita" pizza - with prosciutto, gorgonzola, figs, and spinach -- is delicious.

Kisses you. If you posted on CL I would totally answer your ad and maybe we could go out for a pie too...


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