Friday, February 17, 2012

Real Woman

CL post, a few moments ago
White male, tall, late 40's, searching for the posted. To define real, is a woman comfortable in her own skin. Tall, short, thin, chunky, busty or not so much, or any combination in between, who can dress in jeans, evening gowns, or even nothing at all, with the same personal comfort level. Someone that can attend, and comprehend, board meetings with as much zealous as cleaning fish she just caught that day. This woman can walk through a barnyard, or garage, and hang out, without too much distress, or at least as effortlessly as walking the busy streets of Manhattan. Ideally, this woman will have spontaneity and passion, know what she needs, desires, wants, and is capable of accepting, and enjoying, affection, and attention to all of her personal needs, when respectfully given to her. If any of this resembles you, and has caught your attention, please reply with some of your stats, any questions you may have, etc. Let's chat and get to know each other.
My response, just now
I'm kinda like that
though not as much as my old boss -
barracuda who I hated
but your post instantly put me in mind of this song, by Cake

be careful what you wish for!!!

52, 5'6"

dearest love -- my date fell through for this weekend
ah but I'm working on other options
workin' the universe
biggest hugs ever --

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