Thursday, February 9, 2012

A beautiful springlike day here, wondering if the bulbs are popping up where you are, because supermarkets here are starting to be filled with tulips, and with daffodils.

I just love the stained glass window surrounds in the church -- aren't they wonderful? - fecund imagery in brown & orange, reminiscent of bulbs sprouting from the earth - I'd love to know more about the origin of this artistry....

[Moments pass... the church is on the National Historic Register and I just tried looking it up - but gave up, not instantly retrievable, it seems... another time...]

Oh sweetheart, I have a sense of maybe just maybe springtime coming

Got in 2-1/2 of the triathlon, not quite hitting the mark. Practiced again today on the church organ. I would say that the only hymn so far that truly doesn't work on it is He's Got the Whole World In His Hands. Ouch. All the other straight-up hymns are just fine. And I had fun ripping through very badly the little I could recall of Bach's Toccata & Fugue -- you would know it instantly if you heard it -- it's sort of mad & macabre (was it in Phantom of the Opera? - I never saw any version but wouldn't be surprised). It's great fun to try to play on organ though, the instrument it's intended for. And then, just for fun, I hammered out a couple of Bach inventions - again, very badly, so many mistakes - but it reminded me of how much I have always enjoyed polyphonic music, different lines weaving in & out, very conversationally. I say this and this and this and this.... and you respond thus and thus and thus and thus ..... and then we interweave those lines -- and add a question -- an interrogatory -- followed by a response -- and then an aha! ... so that's what you meant by that.... and an aside -- that suggests another expository line.... followed by - I know just what you mean and here's how it was for me ---

that's what those inventions have often been like for me -- conversations -- lively dialogues -- in abstract, archetypal form --- very engaging, exciting - fun to play

Dearest Branwell
effaced behind your column
I wish you & I could play in just that way

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