Saturday, February 11, 2012


Back from town, stopped at my favorite local Swoonery for a glass of wine. Sat at the long stylish blond wood bar. No classy (and flirtatious) guys at all there, bummer. I should have put a note in Craigslist that I'd be stopping by, and I just might have too, if I knew how to work my cellphone, or get Craigslist to accept my darn phone number already. What is a staid married woman bustin to break out to do? Oh sweetheart, so I had a nice time with myself, sipping my glass of delicious cool Spanish rioja, dreaming of you, dancing in my seat a bit to the club-beat music on in the background, fiddling with my freshly trimmed brunette shoulder-length hair that my hairdresser approvingly noted has highlights in it, possibly an effect of my daily walks in all weather, including winter sun, thinking of you, wishing you were seated next to me on a barstool, and I would have asked you - with reference to a large painting above the bar, of a zaftig maiden, reclining in a posy-strewn field of blue, hat clapped on her head, unsmilingly staring at I suppose the painter, her breasts large, thighs gargantuan, legs folded beneath her, not sexual really at all, more very Columbia County "sustainable agriculture" kind of chaste painterly cheesecake - who's thinner, me or her, and the correct - and wholly accurate answer would have been - me. And not only because I tried on a pair of pants today -- and have dropped a size! - and bought a slinky tee in XL... for a size 14 (at 5'6") I'm looking pretty - well, maybe not slinky, but like -- in resume terms -- I "have something to offer"

Oh sweetheart, how are you? I know you're aching to bust out too, I wish we could do so together. I felt like dancing with you this afternoon, was forced to dance by myself, at the wheel, as I drove back home. An awesome song came on, one of my favorites -- I'm not a good dancer, not on a dance floor, but that song just makes me want to move. It's so sensuous. Also it made me want to do other things, with you...

Oh darling, I bet you're just amazing... you looking so buttoned up and conservative all the time... oh I wish I could just get you in the front seat of a car doing 30 and let it rip...

Silliest post ever, darling. Hope you're having a wonderful time wherever you are. Love you. I dream about you all the time, and fantasize, and not just in church. Oh my word.

Let me speed-dial you from my barstool at the Swoonery. Darling are you there? Come over here and park your beautiful handsome wry awesome self next to me and let's surreptitiously touch legs under the counter while you buy me another glass of that Spanish white. I'm glad one of us works for a living -- that elixir is $10 a glass...

Ah, but telling about it, and all my wondrous kisses for you --- free, free, free---

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