Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yuletide Mash

Christmas Carol
I'm so busy this December
There are places I should be
And you across town in your motel room
Waiting for Epiphany
I'm not ready for the questions
I'm not the daughter that I thought I'd be
I'm not ready for the presents
And all the singing round the tree

Hark the herald angels singing
Angels we have heard on high
Take the gifts that they are bringing
Kiss another year goodbye
Merry Christmas, new born baby
Merry Christmas, Grandma Jones
Give away what you were saving
And you will never be alone

The sky is grey the night comes early
I'm heading towards my brother's place
His baby greets me smiling curly
I kiss her rosy little face
They don't ask me where you're staying
They give me "Fear not, for behold" to read
A glass of wine, their daughter playing
Tonight that's everything I need


I'm driving home and it starts snowing
I hum a carol to the night
You fall apart because you're growing
Unfolding slowly towards the light
And there's a light on in my window
Did I leave it on, or have you come home?
Either way there is a light on
Either way we're turning towards the sun


Katryna and Nerissa Nields

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  1. Hee, I was just listening to this tonight. I love this song, and I don't even celebrate Christmas.