Monday, December 7, 2009

Details, Details

I loved the watch. But I'm allergic to the leather. Such watchbands gave me terrible rashes as a girl.

Every detail was perfect. A caravan of goods to delight me indeed. The milk in the fridge was sour. But there was a lesson in that. The coffee was so exquisite, strong, and delicious I found I could savor it pure.

Please keep in mind that we have only one car and that my husband relies on it for work. It's one thing to send me on wild goose chases but another to expect him - of all people - to rescue me (twice yesterday) when I find myself stranded. Talk about tedious arguments of insidious intent on the rides home, and he's not wrong.

A bit of madmoney (for cabs & snacks) and a cellphone would help too. Heck, why don't you make it a blackberry already and I'll document some of this movie for you, instead of just helping to write it.


P.S. Kim says hi.

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