Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trip to the library

Delightful place to while away an hour yesterday afternoon. A wood fire crackled in the hearth no less, warming and scenting the cozy room. Everyone who entered exclaimed with delight.

After computer time I perused a shelf or two of oversize books. The books seemed to comprise a discrete, meaningful collection, and each book within it spoke to me in some way. Though continually amazed, was I really so surprised that my fingertips should just happen to land on what I had come to find?

I might consider George Orwell's recipes - suddenly plums are everywhere: I discovered the link the other day while breakfasting on stewed plums spooned over oatmeal. But here's what really turns me on (randomly opening rustic fruit desserts to page 107). Given the purgatoire of endless thrashing, tapping on walls, and makeshift mash, doesn't 'fig and honey cream galette' just sound heavenly?

Sometimes when you bite into fresh figs, they drip as if they were already coated in honey; it is no wonder that these two flavors go so well together... For this recipe, select a flavorful honey that you enjoy. We prefer a strong honey with a pronounced flavor...

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