Friday, December 25, 2009

Runaway Glorias

Getting myself together to take Amtrak down to the city this afternoon. Have listened to the PetShopBoys Xmas song several times this morning, dancing to it while putting away laundry and packing my bag. That song makes me happy.

I enjoyed the service last night, though I wouldn't say that it was ecumenical in any way, except from a missionary point of view. It was all quite straight-up Episcopal, which I'm not, though it was interesting to participate in the service, to consider the words as I read them, and to reflect on their ramifications in the earthly sphere. I have a problem with the word "righteousness," for example. A great deal of mischief stems from that over-certain and uncompromising word.

I enjoyed the carol singing, though as an alto I have a problem with the standard keys that hymns and carols are played in, geared for tenors and tremulous sopranos and awkward for most others. I loved the organist - he rocked. I think it was on Angels We Have Heard on High, the whole melismatic Glooooooooooooooooria part - the organist ripped and chugged and sped up and lurched then slowed then sped up again and crazily crashed all through it, the placid and obedient chorus valiantly keeping pace. The organist did the bangup slightly differently in each of the repeated choruses, one exuberant musical near-train wreck after another (I say 'near' because the organist always managed to recover the runaway train and meet back up with the chorus which had already arrived at the station). So Hudson! I think it was wackily intentional, and it was very funny, very creative & spontaneous I thought. Bravo, organist! for taking liberties. I too, took liberties, and sometimes tried to sing harmony, or flourishes that I'm accustomed to from my King's College Choir Christmas albums. Well, isn't that a point of Christmas - that we of various voices should try to make a joyful noise and to harmonize?

I'm spending the coming week in my former upstairs neighbors' apartment, looking after their cat and otherwise catching up on cultural offerings in the city. I will post when I can from the little branch library around the corner, on the days that it's open.

I hate to sign off. Only connect.

No, no righteousness. Love! Love!

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