Friday, December 4, 2009


Message from B., with whom I've been in touch since 1982, when she hired clueless me as a legal assistant at a San Francisco firm. Eventually I mashed her with my brother thinking they'd hit it off since they both liked Dr. Demento. I was right. Mission accomplished I moved to NY, in 1984. I missed Grand Central Station.

B: Every year at Thanksgiving I think about your Mulligatawny soup recipe. I haven’t made it in a while, but this year found a recipe for a spicy Indian turkey soup....

Me: I have lost that Mulligitawny recipe unfortunately. Not that the recipe was so great (I was always kicking it up) but the tattered scrap from the now defunct Gourmet had taken on a talismanic quality. I am sorry to lose that.

This post seems so downbeat. It shouldn't be, because things are wondrous. The way things are going that scrap just might turn up.

And there is only blue sky. A beautiful thought of wow, for each grey cloud, and cumulus you!-bebop-o

Dream last night. I'm walking on a country road. Woman stops car on side of the road, gets out, leaves motor running & radio on. Is she going to leave her car like that? I'm a little annoyed (disturbing the peace) & also curious. I've seen her before (dreamt about her before). She's alright (don't be annoyed). She's come to check in on the cat - Penelope. The woman says, she was my favorite. I say, I wonder what her story was - I think she was dumped. No, she's from here - the woman gestures at the wild overgrown acres - there are holes everywhere. Me: But she was spayed. The woman is suprised. Yes - I took her to the vet & it turns out she was spayed. (Which I think supports my dumped theory.)

Someone who very much reminded me of bebop-o was at the conservation area early this morning, an elderly gentleman who struck up a conversation with me as soon as I got out of the car.

I was just feeding the animals, he said.

What animals? (More cats?)

He gestures at the overgrowth. Oh, possums, raccoons... I asked my wife, what are you going to do with those turkey bones - make stock again? So I took the bones. Give them to the animals.

So now the animals will have a taste and dream of turkey forevermore.



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