Thursday, December 24, 2009

Notes from Guillermo del Toro's The Orphanage

That's what Jung means when he says
It's in the subconscious that the living
coexist with the dead.
The Germans have another name for 'the herald of death':

A being that appears in one's own image.
A double.
To glance at him,
or at any of the others I've shown you,
means, without the slightest doubt,
a passport to the other world.

... strange things are happening...

This wasn't a children's room in the orphanage, right?
No, the bedroom was back there.
Then we should start here.
I want an old object from this house
Something related to its history and, if possible,
Some clothing from the past.
We're not alone.

You're talking about ghosts.
And what is a ghost, Carlos?
There's something here, and we all saw it.

When something terrible happens, sometimes it leaves a trace
a wound that acts as a knot between two time lines.
It's like an echo repeated over and over, waiting to be heard.
Like a scar (oh I'm sorry) - like a scar or a pinch, that begs for
a caress to relieve it.
Laura, we who are close to death
we are more receptive to these messages.

What should I do?
My dear, you are a good mother
Your pain gives you strength, it will guide you.
But only you know how far you are willing to go.
You hear but do not listen.
Seeing is not believing
It's the other way around.
Believe: and you will see.

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