Friday, January 29, 2010

the way to a girl's core

From letter from Belle to J, 25 August 2008
I’m back in my aerie, after a whirlwind shopping expedition and mad scavenger hunt in the city over the weekend. I am now freshly supplied with all sorts of “necessities” and romantic ephemera, such as lemon verbena-scented soap, stylish readers, fingerling potatoes, herbed goat cheese, heirloom tomatoes, an explosion of hot pink dahlias, a postcard from a shop called Evolution, bird/cage files from Anthropologie, loaves of Balthazaar ciabatta, art-museum postcards (Met, Frick), large bowls (to serve up floods) from Fishs Eddy, attractive stationery (astoundingly hard to find), a sylvan image of Edna St. Vincent Millay, MetroNorth train schedules, ‘dahlia’ stickers, Australian meat pies, and movie ticket stubs.

29 Jan. 2010. Fast forward to last weekend... major score from Shop-Rite - three bags...

Perusing events calendar - anything of interest going on in Hudson tomorrow?



Experience Culinary Harvest Fingerling Potatoes -- a collection of heirloom potatoes originally grown above the cloud line in the Andes Mountains, now grown in limited supply high in the Rockies.

The Yellow Russian Banana tastes rich and buttery, the stunning red-streaked French Fingerling or Red Thumb has a nutty flavor, and the rouge-colored Ruby Crescent has a deep, earthy taste....

OMG. Reds.

Warren Beatty has nothing on this.

Real good, memorable potatoes.

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