Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's reflections

Back from a desultory walk up and down Warren Street. "Eeez so grey" today, as a French intern of my past acquaintance might well say. I am in a still, reflective mood today, a pool, pond, quiet. I suppose my way of adjusting to being back home, maybe even to the new year.

This shop window caught my eye. Such a cozy scene. I like the decorative cushion and the charming cups. I picture being curled on a sofa in front of a fire with that tray and coffee in the cups and good newspapers and fun music on and the laughter of dearest company.

I am being quite decadent this day. I have poured a glass of wine, very rare for me at this early hour. But oh heck, it's Friday and a holiday weekend and I just don't feel inspired to do anything else. A glass of wine seems like just the ticket. Time for resolutions tomorrow. Funny, I don't really have any, except to continue trying to keep physically active and fit. (Not a resolution anymore so much as a reframed way of life.) The one resolution I had made a year ago today stuck in a formal respect but not in more important ways. It morphed, had to out somehow, and what was essential remained, became distilled, refused to be suppressed, intensified.

What an odd wrinkle in time - last New Year seems like a nanosecond ago, yet distinctly foreign to the way I feel now.

I am still in a reflective mood. I should go downstairs and prepare the chicken to roast.

I can't even imagine what the coming year will bring. Big changes, I think. There will have to be. But how will they come about? That I don't see.

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