Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh honey, learn to love the sea

The dollhouse is gone
so too winged Eros
but still, the still life of peaches
And now behind the glass
propped on a gilt chair
a framed oil
a luminous white house
(at double remove from me)
set in a sea of vast dark sky
of course I read into it
maybe there's a river
there is a hill
it isn't the house
but the suggestion
(this is the country!)
(everyone's dream!)
But that's later
the first time I walk by
the window is near empty
except for peaches and miscellany
(gamboling pastorale)
I peer in - dark
as always when I chance by.
I run into a friend
chance hugs and sparks
go down to the waterfront he says
see Winifred I think
and make my way down
slick sidewalk patches
icy steps
a promontory promenade
a stranger walking his dog
lovely Winifred
portrait in negative ambiguously smiling north
I look across the divided freeze
at doll-scaled Athens
gumdrop lighthouse crashed in the river
I head back
now in the window the chair and landscape appear
Why do I have such trouble with ambiguity?
The cowboy's gone too
but restless sleepers still thrash
and tonight past sunset
swathes of grey, black, backlit black peach light
looked like a Christina Hirsch

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