Tuesday, January 5, 2010

shadowbox dream

Notes written 7 December 2009.

Bedroom where I spent night
(12/6 midnight on)
on third floor
small bedroom at east end of house
seemed perfectly square
deeply alcoved windows
slim black rods with
faded toile coverings of pastoral scene.

View from window -
at night: a fractal fern,
daybreak: a Christmas tree,
and when I got up
I saw there was another next to it
& behind that
in perfect alignment,
a church spire.
Beautiful gilt-framed object on wall
amphibian theme ran thru the house
bed made up with smooth cotton sheets
summer floral quilt
with small red/white pattern on other side
F dug out a leopard throw - too light
& finally a wool blanket with a pattern that suggested
(word? royalty? pageantry? castle/rook-type stuff)
beautiful mirror across from bed
with antiqued gilt frame
needlepoint footstool
a diminutive side chair covered in pale ivory silk
bedside table with gorgeous lamp
teardrop crystal cascade
culminating in a handsome silk shade
dresser stacked with old ('50s to '70s) fashion mags
Harpers Bazaar, Vogue
I looked at the top one, paged through it
cover had a model, a woman
faux-dressed as Mao Tse Tung
& lines converged to a V
vanishing point
folded cotton serviette with a simple blue floral design
oblong silk pillow with sunflower on bed
beautifully embroidered pillow cases
edged in blue & gold.

In a corner stood a

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