Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The objects themselves

"Caress the details, the divine details!" - Vladimir Nabokov

Notes of 7 December 2009
Front parlor
birds literally beat on the windows from the outside
early Sunday morning

chair where I placed my coat, scarf & purse for overnight
(left my scarf there)

"First Stop - Santorini" - mini-brochure for winery
on volcanic island
folder: inside - vintage docs - prescriptions - doctors' names
I take to mean that my next stop is
complete physical - it's about healing

book: Finding Grace - hardback with photo (b/w) of woman - about the face of America's homeless
(so there's a mission after all this--)

Rural Residence-type stuff -
black skull w/candle
paperweights of glass eyes

packet of stationery face down on table - I turn it over -
pen & ink drawings of St. John Lutheran Church in Hudson

gardening gloves (small)

Complete Book of Cheese
book - w/receipt inside - on the New York School of Poets
(table of contents includes Fairfield Porter)
book: A Little House of Own's Own
box that I don't want to open (premature/presumptuous)
paperweight of cruise liner
red bag on floor full of little red gift boxes
mat that says Red Carpet Treatment
stack of books & mags on buying country property
(book on Cotswolds)
package of clothespins, which makes me laugh
(so hard to find, Virginia lamented in class)
two Wright ottomans (I gather from
'All Directions Moving' invoice in vestibule)
beautiful ottomans with throw pillows
(green upholstery, striped pillow, & another)
stereo with pile of records - top one refers to 1959
stereo was on - tape over volume control
"I wish I had one copy of every book ever written"
(framed sentiment)
eye -- crumbling newels -- "rotted piece of driftwood"
[why quotes in my notes? I think there was
a rotted piece of driftwood]
Arnolfini portrait-type mirror [between the front windows,
I believe - I stood in the room and looked at it -
but I write this now]
on side table, small ivory or bone button-like artifacts
very sharp, substantial set of steel scissors & letter opener

New York School of Poets
An Anthology of New York Poets, Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror

convex mirror - of course

But how do you get birds to beat on the windows?

I wish I could remember more
(the wonder of it)

It's coming to a theater near you.

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