Saturday, January 9, 2010


Woke up this morning to a double gift, the languor of a delicious dream and platinum sun blazing through parted curtains, a joy after all the grey.

Whipped up burritos for breakfast - tortillas with scrambled egg & cheddar, black beans seasoned with chorizo, and lettuce, tomato, and avocado - fortifying fare for my brisk walk in arctic cold. The river is frozen solid.

Then it was a stop at the supermarket for hair color and the offchance of discounted flowers. There they were! Peach and yellow roses, three bunches of them, marked at $2 each. The third wasn't priced so I asked the clerk who'd been standing near me all the while and now pretended that she didn't know that it was from the same bucket I'd gotten the other two and which she sniffily inspected the blooms from the opening at the top and said that she wouldn't buy them and I said they look perfectly fine to me for two dollars and then she mindbeamed that I am subverting the entire capitalist system which I ignored while she grudgingly went behind the counter with the bouquet and marked it down.

La Parisienne, the peach rose that radiates gratitude and appreciation; Alsmer Gold, a sparkling sun-kissed yellow rose with red tips that exudes wisdom, friendship and joy altogether creates a cheerful and elegant mix.

The hair color was on clearance too, half-price. So there. Good! Now I can afford to support my favorite French rosé vintner.

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