Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I dreamed last night that I was going to meet him, or was hoping to. I went through my clothes, what to wear. No nice outfits at all – I had on my pink workout slacks - ugh! Purchased perfume, Wrappings, spritzed it on – and wondered why, when Miss Dior was the thing to wear. Went in car with D (I was driving), not really expecting to see him where we went (a road along a mountainside? not sure where we were) but then I saw his old car and drove by it. It was damaged but I couldn’t believe he still had it, that it was still running, and that he had in fact come. I stopped the car and looked back. Another guy was with him, and they both worked on the car, front hood open. He was older, with a beard now. But he had the same clear brow and determined, energetic air - instantly recognizable. He saw me and I understood that he wasn’t quite ready to see me yet, didn’t want me to see him though I did.

Woke up.

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